Piernas del toro

19 08 2010

Sorry about the extended absence, I have been in Barcelona for three full days now. Two days longer than I planned. Partly because it’s August, and everything is shut, making getting things done difficult, but mostly it is because I was / am dog tired from my blast across Spain and back.

The important jobs have been done, one of which was going to be a decent blog post, but that has now been relegated. I’m going to head out again tomorrow, as soon as the last government office has been visited. So, maybe tomorrow.

Edit: I rode to Girona today. Only a hundred k’s, and pretty flat. I had hoped to put together an update, but after doing a myriad of other jobs/emails on the internet for the last hours, I’ve run out of steam. Maybe I’ll have more time in France. But probably not, I’ve got my sights set on Italy. I was planning on going over Andorra (just for fun), but that would take me further West (away from the good pizza). We’ll see how strong the legs (the “legs of the bull”) are feeling in the morning.



4 responses

19 08 2010

My “bicicleta” is fine, it has survived!!! I went and returned from the job! You’re the best! Your “parche curita” worked! …
Thanks!! thanks!! thanks!! thanks!! … Good luck and be careful!…
(It’ raining in Barcelona)

19 08 2010

Good to hear. De Nada.
It is not raining in Girona – I guess it was a good idea to leave today, but it was hot on the road!

21 08 2010

sorry!… no pierdas las ganas de seguir!!!… Aunque esté hot!!!….
I miss you… Did you see my pre…. you Know?… Fiestas de gracia today,again… My “bici” continue to survive!…. eso!… TQ! 🙂

23 08 2010

Hola Ale! no, todo esta bien. Es muy muy calor, pero ne es una problema.

I hope you enjoyed the last days of Gracia! With the bici, of course!! No sin mi bici!

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