Day 16

8 08 2010

I thought I should be writing a diary. Maybe I will. This is the prologue though, so no-one will be terribly interested. Spain will be quite easy to write about:

Hot. Long day. Tired. Ate lots, didn’t get much sleep last night because it seems  a pre-requisite to being a pilgrim is snoring very loudly, and getting up at 5am. Headwind.

repeat x16

But today is different. It’s 20C and overcast. The rest is the same. Oh, and today I will hit 2000km. I’ve stopped the seat creaking, and the bottom bracket has taken over. Todo bien.

Really, I’m having fun, it’s just right now there isn’t much to write about.



5 responses

8 08 2010

Tapones para los oidos nene! 🙂

10 08 2010

2000 km’s already. That’s quite an achievement. Just keep safe and well.
love you

19 08 2010

Safe is ok. Well? I think anyone who rides that quick is sick – so… sorry. Failure.

11 08 2010

Hi Stephen,

Congratulations for having survived the tsunami of pilgrims surging to Santiago ! Not sure that you recall me since we met very shortly in Astorga, where you asked me to keep an eye on your precious companion while you were visiting the cathedral. Anyway, if your long and exciting trip brings you to the western part of France, nearby Poitiers, please do not hesitate to contact me, I would be very pleased.

Keep having fun, wish you all the best for this fabulous tour !


19 08 2010

Yes, of course I remember (thanks for helping me see the cathedral!) I do not think I will be near you, I’m heading for Italy. Thanks for the invite. Enjoy your next ride!

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