Santiago de Compostella

3 08 2010

Now that's a Cathedral

Well I got here. Where’s here? Santiago. With the hordes.

This year is a holy year to come visit. Apparently you get a free pass through purgatory or something if you do the pilgrimage this year. That sounded like a good deal to me. Unfortunately it did to half of Spain as well. The population along the track is pretty well logarithmic – it doesn’t change much for 600km, then starts to increase, until the last 50km is packed with people. So much so, I ended up riding on the road.

So tomorrow (if my legs can handle it), I go to the Fisterra. The most westerly pointy in Spain (well, almost). I thought it was going to be the most westerly point on mainland Europe (and it is within spitting distance of being so), but that’s in Portugal, and I’ll be buggered if I’m riding another few days south (and dealing with Portuguese) to make a such point. This’ll do.




3 responses

4 08 2010

The most westerly pointy in Europe is not that interesting! I can tell you!
Well done Stephen! And now?! Come east…in four weeks we will meet you!

5 08 2010

Only 4 weeks… To go all that way. I’d better get going then.

7 08 2010

Hey Stevo, love the signs.

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