Camino de Santiago

30 07 2010

I think I wrote that it was hot. HOT. Apparently there is a saying about these parts:  “Spain has 9 months of winter and 3 of hell”. It really is very hot – chocolate doesn’t last too well in the panniers at 38°C. So I went north. To Pamplona. Then followed the hordes along the camino (track) toward Santiago. I am now a card-carrying peregrine falcon. Or peregrino (pilgrim). Yep, Frankenbici and I are on a pilgrimage. I bet most of you never expected to see that.

Castilla y Leon is pretty flat, so I’ll keep riding for a few more days, but don’t be surprised if I walk the last bit. Everyone else is, and riding feels a little like cheating (even if I will go on a bit after everyone else jumps on the train home). Stayed last night in Burgos. Hope that is useful information.

I seem to be collecting photos of cathedrals and churchs. I guess that is appropriate behaviour for a Pilgrim?



4 responses

2 08 2010

I like that chocolate melting point is your new navigational aid.

3 08 2010

Well, I lost my compass in South America.

3 08 2010

Enjoy Spain by bike, but keep to the inland. Forget the Northwest unless you like to be in Aus as soon as possible. In Galicia and surroundings it’s all Eucalypt.

3 08 2010

Yeah! My trees! It’s great.

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