27 07 2010

I thought internet might be more easily come across in Spain. But then I have been riding fairly long days and camping, so there’s not a lot of time for hunting down internet. I found a restaurant for lunch today in (consulting the map) the metropolis of Lledena. Tiny town, big truck stop style restaurant, but has internet. And stupidly friendly people. Good choice.

It is hot. Some kind of heat wave in Spain. I found out today it was a good choice to abandon my route to Madrid – they have a high of 38°C. In the sun that is just too much. I’ll go toward the north coast. Hopefully the sea breeze cools things off a bit.

Pamplona tonight. If I, or the road, don’t melt.



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28 07 2010

Hey Stevo… Great news to hear that you’re on the road again and finally heading back to oz (in a round about sort of way) 🙂
Keep the posts coming… The internet is an amazing thing. I just logged onto Google maps to check out where you are heading. I found Liedena, then used the street map to have a look at the scenery and even found the truck stop/restaurant. At least this way I can “kinda” see the trip with you 🙂
Keep safe… Steve

30 07 2010

I have the GPS on, will upload a track of where I’ve been one day. I’m heading toward Santiago, on the Camino de Santiago right now. Then, probably, turn around and come back. The interior of Spain is just too hot and boring.

28 07 2010

I miss your “fish paper”…

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