12 07 2010

The saga of the bike continues.

Firstly, the old bike has gone. Flogged it off. I think that the first plan of riding it to Germany, and buying a more sturdy bike for Asia (from a shop, built and ready to go) just might have worked. But here I am.

I managed to get the spokes for the rear wheel last week again via mail order from England (special length spokes just don’t exist in Barcelona). But half the order didn’t arrive, so now I’m waiting on someone to do something about that. Rear wheel has been built and is pretty much true (it’s at a stage where perfectionist in me thinks I can do better, and the engineer can see it is close enough. Hopefully it’ll work.

I’m currently waiting for a box of bits that should arrive today. This would be the final parts, if the box that came last week actually had everything that I ordered. It didn’t, so the bike is still upside down. A week or so until I leave and the bike is far from rideable. When it does all go together, there’d better be no show-stoppers.

So soon I’ll have to start looking out for a bolt of lightning to bring my Frankenbike to life. Queue maniacal laughter.



3 responses

12 07 2010

Look out chicas!!!! Stephen is coming!
You want to have a look at a real bike? Then I will send you a photo of Stefans ;-)!

13 07 2010

I’ll see it when I get there, if I’m not too fast!

13 07 2010

Muy bien fantasma, ya queda poco!

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