Spain. Winning.

8 07 2010

So the Spanish just entered their first semi-final, and to my surprise dominated the Germans (err, 1-0) to come out the other side into their first World Cup Final. This is the German team that trounced Argentina, killed England and positively thrashed Australia. I mention this because I’ve changed allegiance that many times this World Cup, my head is spinning. Germany beat them all, until today 🙂

Anyway, to the point.

How to celebrate the win in Barcelona – remember Barcelona is not Spain, but they’ll not argue the point, tonight:

If you’re in the city centre – stumble out of the bar into a street devoid of cars (the police are terribly efficient at keeping cars out of the streets when they want to). Wave a flag around, doesn’t matter which, but it’d be better if it was red and yellow, but without too much black. Blow your whistle, vuvuzela, etc. Dance around in a small group with people throwing water at you from the balconies – all in good fun to keep you cool. Sing about how great Spain is, and say “Olé, olé, olé” quite a lot.

If you’re not in the old town, gather your mates and jump in a car. Drive around, spending roughly equal amounts of energy moving the car forward and beeping the horn. For hours. There are still a few doing it.

Since Barcelona is not in Spain, it’s in Catalunya, the celebrations are really quite low key. I can only imagine Madrid. But it’ll be better next week, when we beat the Netherlands… 😉



2 responses

8 07 2010

Ha! I was wondering how you would be coping with the excitement. But I think the Colla clan will be backing ‘the old country’, as much as there will be any backing!!!!

8 07 2010

Fair enough. Only: prepare to lose!

You’re wearing Orange? Red’s where it’s at.

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