Christmas and…

30 06 2010

It was like Christmas again today! Another box of bike bits arrived. The less glamorous, but actually quite important bits, like bottom bracket, crank, head set, etc. Couldn’t help myself – most of them are on the bike now (the head set I got fitted at the not-so-local bike shop, because the local bike shop turned me away at 10 to 5pm – because they hadn’t opened after siesta yet). While I was at the not-so-local bike shop, I tried to buy the spokes I need for the rear wheel. They sold me the spokes for the front wheel, so I thought it was a fair thing to get the second set there. They didn’t have the length I needed. Didn’t even hint that they might be able to get them.

Nor did the next shop. Nor the next. Actually none of the shops I know about (since I visited them all) seem to carry this length of spoke, or anything even close. Only one shop (the only good one across town, who I should have gone to first) took my name and will get back to me. I only have a handful of parts left to buy, could it be a pile of short bits of metal that causes a ripple in this otherwise impeccable plan?



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12 07 2010

Just buy a ticket on (have you heard of ) Qantas and fly home. Much easier, probably cheaper and I can sleep at night. Give up the thought of riding home and perhaps ride over the Nullabour for a challange. Love you, would prefer you in Oz

12 07 2010

Quite a bit cheaper as it happens. Certainly easier.
Give up? Hello? Since when did I give up? Well, work is one thing… 🙂

I might ride the Nullabour. As well. Sounds pretty boring though.

12 07 2010

by the way. Would like to see a map of where you have been in the world. May be a bit frightening though

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