Self justification

25 06 2010

I was thinking of updating the about me page. When I wrote about my current situation, I had a flash – I’m crazy to be giving this away! But then this week reminded me why:

  • I travelled to France with a few days notice on a week that I thought I would be in BCN.
  • The summer solstice was this week – music festivals in France – I was at work.
  • Summer has arrived, every day in France and Spain was lovely – I was working night shift – sleeping all day and in a daze all night.
  • The Sant Juan festival was celebrated in BCN – fireworks, parties, etc. I missed it. Again. 2 from 2.
  • Spain played their last group world cup match, I wasn’t here to revel in the win.

Yeah, so maybe that’s not as convincing as I’d hoped. The upshot is, put a few weeks like that together and you wonder what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. I have, I did, and now it’s time to go. Someone back home – take note and be sure to remind me of this when I next decide to settle down. Whenever/wherever that is.

On the positive side, after this week there will be (more than likely) no more night shift, no more flights (no more airports!), and 3 weeks until I’m unemployed! Again.



One response

12 07 2010

Australia is home – no justification required and there are many people who love you here. May be boring but it’s home

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