New Bike

10 06 2010

I’ve been looking at a new bike for a while now for the upcoming trip. Since it looks like work may peter out quicker than I first thought, I decided to do something about it.

Buying a touring bike off the shelf here in Barcelona is not all that easy – despite there being a more or less dedicated bicycle touring shop here in town If I could have found a way to use them I probably would have (and still probably will for some things), but on the last visit they diverted me to the Koga website which wants me to spend a thoroughly rediculous amount of money, since the bike has no engine. So I’ve thrown my credit card number at a few websites, ordered a frame and whole pile of small parts (and one stupidly expensive small part), and with the full knowledge that this may not work out as I hope, and also that several critical small parts have not been ordered, I’m going to do the Stephen thing. Wait and see what happens. It’s a fair bit of money, so I hope it all arrives and I can turn it into a bike and not just an expensive pile of parts.

This could be my first custom bike. And the first I’ve built from the frame up. If I can find the right spokes. And handlebars.



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