Costa Brava

16 05 2010

Went for a wander up the Costa Brava a few days ago. Reminded myself that I was supposed to be a cycle tourist.

Caught the train from Barcelona, then rolled along the quite terrific coastal road for 100km. Overnighted, then descended (after climbing) into Cadaqués. Quite pretty, but would have been nicer if the weather wasn’t so bad. Bit disappointing for the middle of May. The summer solstice is only a month away, and we are in 10°C and rain. Lots of rain.

Anyway, gave me a chance to play with the GPS.

See why this place is popular with the Northern Europeans?

Ok. So there was some sun. It is Spain after all.

No broken spokes. A miracle, although I did have to spend some time truing my wheel. It might be slightly disappointing if one day the bike just worked 🙂 I’m on the lookout for a new bike, one to got a bit further on.

Next week: France. Work. Nightshift.

Week after: Holiday in Italy. More bikes. This will be good. Even if there will be lots of ‘bock’ 😉



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