Quitting time

2 05 2010

The name of the blog may be more appropriate again in a few months.

I just quit my job. Again. The first time didn’t work out so well – as in I’m still here. This time I am a little more determined to leave. It’s a difficult situation though – I am quite happy with the job and the people I work with. In fact, if I was to only think of my career, I really should stay here for a number of years yet, learn all I can and then return to Aus. But I am in a bit of a conundrum, the major benefit is also the major drawback.

I love to travel. As you may have noticed. To be able to do it when someone else is paying is great, to get paid to do it is even better (although I don’t exactly visit the tourist hot spots for work)! The problem comes when it’s time to go home. I just don’t want to. Every trip away I’m reminded that I don’t have a home, just a place to be, and although it has taken me a while, I’ve come to the conclusion that Barcelona just isn’t going to be home for me. So far, Australia is. So the sensible option is to up sticks and high-tail-it to Australia.

Right, step one of upping sticks has just been completed. Will take several months to complete.

Will more than likely high-tail-it out of here. But there may be a bike involved.

Let the adventure continue.



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