Bike Ride

2 05 2010

I shocked the hell out of my bike today. Last week I finally got round to fixing the spoke that I broke last time I rode it. The bike shop charged me a whopping 10 cents for a new one. And then actually rode it. Further than one block. Maybe not much further, but it was “a ride” (any time the Lycra comes out, it’s “a ride”).

I just happened to be look at my diary / blog and noticed that I broke that spoke at the end of January. Yeah. I gotta get out and ride more. I guess it doesn’t help that I’ve been at ‘home’ for about 4 out of 13 weeks since then (and it was winter until last week).



One response

14 05 2010

Bloody spokes!
Was trying to straighten your front wheel last night and THREE of the nuts stripped. Now it hardly fits between the shockers.
Lucky the old black rims from my bike back in high school days fit.
Bought new shoes, leg warmers and shoe covers too yesterday.

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