Pyrenees. Skiing

22 03 2010

I found myself with a few days and not a whole lot to do, back home. I was meant to be working in Belgium, but something happened and I ended up in Barcelona. Someone reminded me there was still snow in the Pyreness. No need to say much more.

I remembered the fun I had last year on the snow board, and so decided to use the planks this time. Boarding is fun, but at my level I end up on my arse with a sore head too much of the time. Not so on the skis. I can spend all day and only have the odd embarrassing ’emergency’ stop.

Where is everyone?

Snow and sun + mountains

Ok, so there were  a few people, but for two days I might have spend a total of ten minutes waiting for the lift. Not quite what I was expecting from skiing in Europe. Trick is to go during the week, toward the end of the season. I was still around on Saturday, and it got significantly more busy.

Getting braver

Spring is definitely coming. The sun was out – despite sunscreen, I may have got a bit burnt 🙂

The snow was melting at a frightening pace, but I was lucky enough to have plenty for me. But in the afternoon it was a mix between water and snow skiing. Maybe that’s why no-one else was there…

The hordes descended, or rather ascended, from Barcelona on Saturday. I’m pretty happy falling down the mountain when it’s empty, but with too much traffic I’d rather go up, so I took some snow shoes and walked around for a day. I  I found a bunch of people over to one side, hurtling down a track or the half pipe on their boards. Last round of the snow boarding world championships. Couple of Aussies. Surprising how much air they get on the track and pipe.

He's just practicing



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