14 12 2009

I go all keen on the weekend for getting back into Triathlon. It wont be happening soon – I’ve even managed to mess up my marathon training the last month by working too many night shifts, getting sick and having my teeth out. There’s always an excuse. I’m still up for running the marathon though.

Even though, I went for a run Friday, and then thought about a long bike ride on Saturday. Luckily common sense took over before I could get myself into too much trouble. I had rationalised that I could do 200km. Which I’m sure I can – I did it in South America on a mountain bike, loaded with all my gear. But, well, that was almost 2 years ago now. The cycling muscles haven’t had all that much to do since. Sitting in a chair doesn’t do as much good for the body as sitting in a saddle.

So I headed off, unaware that the people of Spain had chosen Saturday as a day to send a message to the Copenhagen crowd. Or perhaps it is like that every day and the background level of pollution in Barcelona has numbed me to it. The air stinks just out of the city. Almost as much as it does in the city (but the sewage smell changes to regular smoke and industry air pollution). And I saw a surprising amount of smoke, travelling up the valley wasn’t all that fun. It became less fun as the roads did the Spanish thing and evaporated, momentarily before condensing into an autovia / highway. So I just went for an hour and a bit, and turned around.

Riding in the mountains is much better, but I’d need the snow tyres this time of year.



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