21 11 2009

So now I am wise. Or I was. Or I am was. At any rate, the annoying teeth are gone.

I was quite stressed going into the surgery, I don’t like pain delivered via scalpel. But the operation (in the dentists chair) was brilliant. You see: I can’t remember any of it. The anaesthetist had me under “conscious sedation”, which apparently means I was conscious for the whole thing, responded to simple instructions, but I don’t remember a single thing. As soon as I woke I had a brief memory of some part of the procedure, but now I can’t remember a thing (only that I remember remembering something – if that makes any sense).

As my father said: Oh, so why do you need the anaesthetist? That sounds pretty normal to me.

Well. Yes, I guess it does really. Sometimes I keep vague fragments of memory though. At least for a few hours.

And thank goodness Kinda, my flat mate, came to collect me from the surgery. She ran out and bought half the pharmacy that the surgeon requested, and bundled me into a cab. I was fully awake, but clearly not too steady on my feet. 12 hours later and the story is the same.

Awake that is. In my drug induced haze I took all the tablets presented to me.
An antibiotic (A Spanish version – good thing these things are almost in Latin). Fair enough.
Some Paracetamol/blah blah hidrochoruro. Guess that’s for pain. Sounds strong. Lonts of warning labels. Better get that into me!
A huge box of Ibuprofeno – that’ll last the rest of my life.
Various mouth-wash and toothpastey things for the next few days.
And something called Zamene. I had to ask the internets for help. Apparently it’s an immuno suppressent. Why? Is my immune system going to reject the absence of teeth? Or did he put something else in there? I guess it is to reduce the swelling, but I kind of like my immune system, and until I get cancer I’d prefer it continued operating.
Anyway, one of the listed side effects is insomnia.

Yep. That parts correct. It’s now 10am, and despite being promised a good nights sleep by the anaesthetist, didn’t sleep a wink last night. Plus I haven’t slept much the last few days working and being stressed about how horrible this was going to be, and I’m not tired. I guess it’ll hit eventually.

Anytime now would be good.

Stupid drugs. I knew they wouldn’t help (but don’t take away the pain killers just yet).



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23 11 2009
Dianne & Cheryl

Hey Stephen,
Auntie Dianne and I have just read your latest blog. She is now on the net so you can email her if you want. Take all the drugs and you will probably sleep for a month. Just don’t forget to catch the plane to Oz.

23 11 2009
Dianne & Cheryl

Hey Stephen,
Auntie Dianne and I are just reading your blog. She is now on the net so you can email her if you like. Take all the drugs you probably will sleep for a month but don’t miss your plane to Oz.

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