16 11 2009

Maurice + Miranda and the front/side/corner/dingsbumbs of their (huge!) house. plenty of room for the Australian. And some sheep

Well, that was fun. 24 hours with Maurice and Miranda. Talking South America, talking bikes, talking bike trips, talking places to live, talking religion, talking politics, talking, talking, talking. Lucky they speak such good English. We could also talk while they showed me around where they live. Pretty views and lots of mud. Need boots next time.

I can’t tell you all of what we talked about. That’s a secret. An Iceland secret. But this has been talked about for 10 years apparently… It may also be a Norwegian secret. That could also be fun.

M+S virgin mary

Kneel Maurice! you can do it!

Good, honest people. I like them. Hope to see them again some day. I’ll try harder to get Maurice to kneel in front of his own statue of the Virgin Mary.



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