6 11 2009

So last weekend I managed to visit Jürg and Rahel at their ‘home’ in Switzerland. I say ‘home’ because they are effectively homeless still, and preparing for another winter in Norway. Crazy. Weather that is negative [some big number] with [another big number] meters of snow. Apparently hibernation is the favourite activity. Well, I hope they enjoy it.

It was super good to see them again, talk about the trip and a bit about what they’ve done since / have planned. Meet some of the people they talked about. Experience some of Switzerland, A walk in the mountains, Cheese Fondue in the forest, big meals with friends and Röste (described to me as Swiss Hash browns, but much better). Unfortunately I was still ‘jet lagged’ from working night shift in Belgium, so I managed to fall asleep at almost every dinner table. A little embarrassing (but it was hard to stay awake after a big meal, of excellent but heavy food, and everyone around me talking Swiss German). But Denise and PB (Rahel’s sister and partner) spoke excellent English so they kept me entertained when I wasn’t dozing off. Actually Denise loves Australia, she has several Aussie flags around the apartment. Good one!

Jürg has some photos of the cheese fondue gathering (after riding there in a horse and cart), but I was too busy eating to take any. Yes, I ate cheese fondue (I normally avoid cheese like the plague).



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