6 11 2009

Since it was legally allowed I’ve been driving, as almost all do in Australia. Of course through my twenties I was a great driver, and I can back that up by the lack of crashes and the fun times I’ve had in and around cars. Yes, you can get an early model Pajero airborne, and a Sigma going the wrong way around a roundabout, in reverse, will indeed make you feel sick from the car fumes. But only after about 10 laps of the roundabout.

But since I left Aus I have decided to try and do without a car. And that’s easy when you live in the middle of a city like Barcelona. In fact to have a car is slightly insane. To park is a nightmare, and getting anywhere in the city is much easier accomplished by foot/bike or public transport (I choose foot). Which means I don’t drive all that often. In fact in can be 6 weeks between driving. Which means…

I don’t quite know how to say this. I’m trained not to acknowledge this kind of thing publicly.


Ok, there, said it. Maybe it will come back with practice. Maybe I don’t want it to. I can ride the bike reasonably well. Perhaps I’ll just leave it at that. Watch out if you’re on the roads…



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