29 10 2009

I’ve been asked how the yacht race went. This proves that at least one person actually reads this. Wow.

RouteIt went fine. We won our class, despite terribly calm conditions. The following facts are completely made up, but are basically true. The race was 90miles, from (almost) Barcelona to Mallorca, and had a cut-off time of 36 hours (or something). Which should be plenty of time. It took us 30, and we were some of the first (who didn’t give up and turn their motor on because they were bored of just sitting in the middle of no-where, doing nothing).

The wind at the start was so feeble that a pile of yachts almost crashed because they didn’t have enough force in their sails to change direction. For about an hour I used my (phemominal) bodyweight to hold the jib out and stop it flapping. I honestly didn’t noltice we had started, since I was up the front and couldn’t hear the conversation in the pit. After an hour I guessed we must be racing now. So I assumed the correct racing position:
yacht race

The trick is to know what side to be on (I generally avoid the sun – that often tends to be the wrong move, so I’m told…)

Overnight in Mallorca, then back with decent winds. Took 15hours to get back, we weren’t racing. I even got to steer for a while (that didn’t make us any faster). It’s harder than it looks to do well.

At least it was a very fine day (or two or three). Lots of stars. Not a lot of sleep.



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