24 10 2009

Since we parted ways in early Feb 2008, (20 months ago!) after doing battle with the first part of the Patagonian winds, I haven’t seen my long time (6 months!) cycling friends Jurg and Rahel. But it looks like this will change this weekend. They have gone home to Switzerland, for one month visit before heading back to Norway to hibernate. And work. They tell me spring will bring another journey, but they’ve already done over 40,000km (one lap of the planet) so I’ll be interested to hear where they go from here.

I’ve been working nights and weekends, so a long weekend is due. Switzerland is not far from Barcelona. I’ll see them Thursday. The only problem is they are super busy, working, visiting family, organising to move back to Norway. I hope to tag along, and not get in the way too much.

I hope also to visit Maurice and Miranda (also from the bike trip) the week after next. I tried last weekend, but working nightshift doesn’t really allow all that much socialising time…

Pity these trips are on planes. My poor bike isn’t getting out all that much.

Just after counting the months since I left Jurg and Rahel, I wondered how long it’d been since I left Oz. June ’07. I’m back for Christmas this year. 2.5 years. [nerd alert] That’s almost 8% of my life so far! No wonder the family are keen to see me again 🙂



2 responses

29 10 2009

Hey Stephen,
say greetings to Jurg and Rahel from Stefan and Sabine!

30 10 2009

Will do.

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