Random Running Ramble

20 10 2009

I went for a run this evening, before work. This in itself is not particularly worthy of note.

Running is often a good time to think. Normally the depth is limited to breathing and going faster, but tonight my thoughts drifted to my heart. No, there were  no romantic revelations. I was kind of surprised that I could keep my heart rate at only a little below 3 beats per second for almost 3/4 of an hour. I shouldn’t be – I do this three times a week at the moment, but normally focus on my pace rather than heart rate (the GPS watch helps a lot with that). I remembered reading that mammals hearts all seem to have a life span of about 1million beats, but my mental arithmetic isn’t so great when dashing along the road (note I don’t often use the word dashing, especially to describe myself, although you may feel free to do so at any time 🙂 ). A swift burst on the calculator tells me that this would be unfortunate – most humans would therefore have a lifespan of less than 10 days. The internet is wonderful – it reminds me that the number I should remember is 1 billion beats, which modern medicine has recently more than doubled to 2.5 billion  (‘s true, I read it on the internets).

But: At 3 times the normal rate, could it be that running hard for an hour actually cuts your life expectancy by 2 hours? Running like this three times a week for 28years would sum to a year off! …Although you’d be pretty fit 50 year old, and probably more likely to be hit by a car or get in trouble with frostbite in this part of the world.

My conclusion was that I should take up meditation and beer. Sleep a lot. Stop running like this. Hang around forever. Actually anything that means I can stop running :). I can get there with almost any starting point, given enough time.

That was it. In 46 mins, you’d think more thoughts would pass through ones head. Only when I’d finished and I noticed my achillies tendon give off the familiar warning feel did I think something different. And that was “Oh, no. Not again”. Followed by “petunias”. And remembered that not two weeks ago my left calf was damaged so that it hurt to walk, and today it is fine. Sometimes I find the recovery powers of these bodies is truly amazing.

Right. Dinners done. Time to go to work. Still in Antwerp. Still cold, but less wet today. It’s been a while since I’ve dealt with horizontal rain (maybe Patagonia?). Would be happy to wait a long time for it again.



2 responses

29 10 2009

You are a joker. You know, would be nice to be able to invite you over for dinner for a good laugh. We’ve had lots of rain and cold here too and me too am glad not to be on the other half of the world exposed to rains and winds from all directions and being able to push a button to start heating…
But it also feels very akward being here in the organized world again. That’s where your reflections would come in handy to lift my spirits…
I’ll just keep reading your blog instead!

29 10 2009

You could invite me for dinner. I’m just not sure I could make it. You are welcome ‘here’ any time. [Here is a relative term – where I am doesn’t seem to be fixed for very long].

The organised world will get better. You fit in all too quickly. Do what ever it takes to get you smiling. (maybe I should take some of my own advice there…)

If you read, I’ll write. Most of it is rubbish, but there you go.

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