A Coruña

8 10 2009

Nothing much happens, life continues, I don’t write anything on the blog and people still read it. Very good. Maybe I should write something then.

Ok here goes.

The weather has definitely changed. My Northern American friends write nasty things aboot the coming winter. So leave Canada, at least for the winter. Barcelona today: 26°C and sunny. It did rain for a week about a month ago. You should have seen the coats and scarves come out. I think it was about 20°C. Then the weather cleared up beautifully for Mercé. Barcelona’s week of festivities and street parties. For all I know it could have rained for the last two weeks – I was in the far NW corner of Spain, right up in Coruña. Lets see if I can get a map to work:

A Coruña. Pleasant, small. Actually fairly polluted for such a small place. The old city is quite lovely, but the new… It looks like about the 60’s or 70’s someone went mad in the town hall, and built a whole pile of lego block apartment buildings with no respect for the street layout or aesthetics. Maybe next time I’ll try to demonstrate with fotos. Unfortunately several stunning examples of hideousness were between our hotel and the old city, and one or two (or three or four) amazing seafood restaurants. Oh, and it rains in A Coruña. Aparently the climate is similar to the UK. They tell me now. I got caught in a rather nasty downpour exiting another nice restaurant.

Also, so they tell me, there is a tower over the body of the giant that Hercules killed. I claim ignorance of the legends of Hercules, but I didn’t know that people were claiming they might be fact, and actually know where the bodies are. Convieniently, it looks like a very good place for a light house. The city shield has a skull and cross bones on it; they’re serious. This is slightly surprising, since A Coruña is about as far away from Rome as you could get in the Roman empire, when it was around (ok, no it’s not, but it’s a damn long way without a car). Maybe he came wandering. Maybe he was on a bike trip.

So work was pleasant. The Spanish are working winter hours now. So 0830 to 2000. Long day. Also long lunch. No siesta, but the lunch is of average restaurant quality. Amazingly good for a canteen. Everyone shuffles past the counter, selects their two plates of food, anything from salad to whole fish, + bread, drink, desert. We all sit down and talk / eat for a while. Coffee is brought round. Very civilised. Then roll back to work. At about 2pm. So we’re not hungry again until about 11pm. Which is fine, because any earlier and the restaurants are shut. Eat something, return to the hotel, check some emails, get to sleep around 2am. Back up at 7 to start the day. After two weeks I’m completely buggered! the work wasn’t so hard, but the sleep deprivation is killing me. I just fell asleep in front of the computer for 2 hours (and missed my opportunity to go for a run today).

The future. I’m “home” (in Barcelona) tonight, there’s another yacht race this weekend. Back on Monday. Another night at “home”, then off to Belgium for two weeks. Awesome, another month where I’m at home for two whole nights. I’m still trying to work out why I might be single…



2 responses

12 10 2009

You are single because you have such a large nose.
(or is that why I am single. can never remember). When next in ACoruna drop in at San Cip, Vivero. you may run into traveling australian engineers. Our trips there were bleak in winter. The time zone is displaced with the sun rising at about 9. ACoruna was ok. The feature being a crumbling cathedral which was the terminal point of the Camino. or was that Santiago de Compostella. Anyway I believe you’re well. Toc had some observations.

12 10 2009

He he. Took me two job changes, and moving to Spain to finally get sent to Gallicia, maybe would have been quicker to stay at ‘H’.

Not yet been to Santiago de Comp. Maybe next trip. Not looking forward to a winter visit. Already had a more than fair example of what the rain can be like in A Coruña.

Will have to do something about the nose. Thanks for the tip.

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