Nothing continues to happen

8 09 2009

My ignorance of Wasp stings has been cured. For about 12 hours my head hurt like it’d been hit by a baseball (or bat), then a headache until about 24 hours, then it faded into nothing really. So that was good. I was expecting a reaction similar to the reaction to a bee sting. But it never came. Thank goodness. Maybe the European wasps in Aus are different to the wasps in Europe. Or the stories are to scare us. Maybe none of the fauna in Aus is actually that deadly, and it’s all a story. A theory to be tested at a later date. On someone else.

The guy who I saw in the first aid tent (at the Half marathon) when I was being treated apparently did not live (I don’t think I mentioned it). I count that as seriously unfair. Go for a run (ok, a long one), have a heart attack (assuming that it was a heart attack). Bit of bad luck.

Back in Barcelona. Disappointed that my work trip to Coruña got postponed (what, you didn’t know about that either?). Only because Jürg and Rahel have cycled past Coruña while I am sitting here (writing documents). Would have been great to see them in a semi-random place. Now I’ll have to hunt them down somewhere, possibly Switzerland. On other cyclists: Stefan and Sabine are cycling around somewhere in Africa. Didn’t invite me on that trip 🙂

Got a ticket to go ‘home’ (where-ever that is) to see friends and family in Oz for Christmas. No ticket back yet… Will have to fix that. The ticket that is, not having a home is the way it is 😉

House-mate Kris is leaving, and replacing him is house-mate Carmen. Living in a student house is… different. An experience.

The weather is changing. It is no longer obviously summer. It is more comfortable to write program documentation in this weather. Which I should be doing now.



2 responses

9 09 2009

Hey Stephen!
Todo bien?! Thought you go by bycicle to Australia! And now you bought a one way ticket?! Hope you come back to see you one day!
We should have invited you to Africa, was great and you would have loved it as Stefan told you that we only slept next to the street, pretty cheap ;-)!

9 09 2009

I will be back. I still have a job here… I have been convinced to go home for Christmas, and although I am looking forward to seeing my friends and family, I’m not looking forward to the flight. I’d rather go by bicycle. Maybe next time 🙂

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