Aus in the news

13 08 2009

You can go for months in Europe and forget that Australia still exists. Apart from mentions about the Ashes (and anything else to do with sport, except soccer).

But we hit the big time with two stories today: one, how inhumane we are being in slaughtering some camels, and two how the senate rejected an emissions bill. That article goes on to say “Australia has the highest per capita emissions in the developed world and coal is its biggest export”.

re the camels, how about instead of shooting them, we find a bug somewhere that makes them infertile – much more humane. This bug, of course will have no side effects, a la cane toads, cats, rabbits… But about the emissions, I was about to make some smart arsed remark, but a while with my friend the internet, and err, that is correct. Coal being our biggest export is not surprising, but we have the highest per capita emissions in the world (developed, or developing from what I can see). Mainly from cars (in the cities), electricity generation/usage, and the aluminium smelting industry. A few years old, but interesting reading.

I’m going to have to put my high horse and halo away for a few days.

But there was nothing at all about the birth of Kev and Catherine’s newest, Sam. So I’ll help out the rest of the world by reporting it here. Congrats guys, hope you’re home soon!



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