21 07 2009

Ha ha! I bought a bike. My suit case is no longer my largest possession.

I’ve been putting it off, I don’t know exactly why. Maybe this confirms that I’m going to try to stay here for some time, rather than just being in transit (like I still feel by the way). But it is time for some wheels. I’ve walked all over the area around where I live, and it’s time to start to explore a little further.

But I bought a road bike. So, although I can get there fast, I’ll not be able to go everywhere like I could on the mountain bike. That means I’ll have to get another!

I bought it from an Aussie cycle traveler who had finished in Barcelona (come from London). I probably could have got a great deal, but having been in that position myself, I paid more than I might have got away with. Hopefully the bike turns out alright – I’ve already found 6 loose spokes on the rear wheel – lucky I know how to fix spokes now!

But the most important question I know you are going to ask: Will it bring me back to Aus? No, I don’t think this one will. It has thin wheels, and is by no means a racing bike, but is still too flimsy for such a long trip. I’ll have to flog it off before I leave. No, I’ll have to get a mountain bike for that trip. Stefan has got me seriously considering a Rohloff hub.

(and so I distracted myself and just wasted 1/2 an hour on the Rohloff website and some other website about another cyclist riding to Australia…)

Maybe I could go for a ride…



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