Barca FC

6 05 2009

It seems Barcelona F.C. are having a bit of a purple patch. After putting down long time rivals, Real Madrid last week, with a convincing 6-2 win, today they managed to beat Chelsea in the semi finals of the Champions League. Ok, so it was a 1-1 draw today, but there is something about away goals being worth more than home goals. Anyway, let’s just say that everyone in the bar was pretty happy when Barca scored.

“So what?” Everyone at home might say. And rightly so. It’s not like it is life or death over. No, it’s more important. But it allows me to say that ‘we’ are in the finals (and infuriate certain people – when I was in Munich, we beat Munich). Since I live by ‘Home is where you hang your hat’, surely I can also ‘side with the winning team’. So long as that is also where my hat is.

Actually, my hat is in Canada (I think), but it’s not ice-hockey season yet.



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