28 04 2009

I was told that the last time I wrote under the heading “News”, I probably shouldn’t have, and was called a smart arse. So I wont do it again. You hear me? I wont.

I was talking to an operator at work today (in my, now very good, “international” English: ie, slow clear, and nothing complex – it’s amazing how much of a conversaion you can have with people who claim not to understand any English when you both try). He mentioned some friends had just cycled around the world. Amazing, does everyone in Germany go riding? Anyway, it dawned on me that it works better in different languages when most of the content of the blogs should be pictures. I like words. They are good for me, and with this computer and my internet connections they work ok. But no-one else wants to read them. I may have to add more pics. Just after I start taking some.

or cheat and use google translate (my new best friend) -> the same blog in english



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