20 04 2009

Since I have known Stefan and Sabine (which I am reminded was Australia Day, 2008) they have been known as “The Bock”. Slang I learnt from ‘The Swiss’, aka ‘The Cowtails’.

We spent some time together in Patagonia and Brazil; more or less three months (I should count the days one day – to see how long Stefan really had to suffer). I had a great time (both in SAm and last weekend). Sabine tells me that my English on the blog needs some work, so maybe she can post a reply with corrections 😉 We can joke, but I know for a fact that they speak more Portugeuse, and Spanish (although I’m rapidly closing in) that I. Oh, and maybe a little more German (or “bock”).

So last weekend I knew I was to be in Munich, which is pretty close to where Stefan and Sabine pass the time as teachers between cycling holidays. Being teachers, they were of course on holidays, but luckily not on a cycling tour. So I invited myself over and had a great weekend. I hope they enjoyed it as well. It just so happened that Stefan and Sabine were hosting a get together for some of their friends on Saturday night – which was great, except Sabine had forewarned all her single girlfriends to stay away ;). Lucky for them! They have put together a slide show of their trip photos, which was great. I haven’t – I started to a few times, but it takes a lot of effort. Perhaps they have inspired me to try again. To retaliate, I made them watch the movie that Stu produced of our April 2007 hike in Tassie. That was only 2 years ago. Amazing. For everyone on the hike, a lot has happened since.

S&S took me (S) around their home city of Regensburg  – a very nice place, even in the rain. We talked about Patagonia for hours. They cooked up a great memory – Argentinean steak and Malbec. Mmmmm. We needed to use the diary to remember something and found the scores of the dice game we played with names in the columns of S, S, S. Went for a run together. We looked at photos. Cooked up some food, waited for the rain to stop.

Monday was sunny. On a sunny day, the city and region around Regensburg is exceptional. Really. They must be very careful with their hospitality – I might take a liking to the area. Stefan leant me a bike, one of nine – my kind of people :). We went for a gentle circuit around through the rolling hills (green this time of year), the Danube, the small villages. Great, real Germany.

Stefan let slip that in six weeks they will be crossing the Alps (by bike of course). I have a hole in my calendar just then…



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