24 03 2009

I managed to get out and go diving again over the weekend. It seems to be either that or get drunk. This weekend I may get to go diving from a boat. While the boat isn’t really necessary, you can swim out to most dive sites from the beach, it is convenient for storing all of the crayfish. We will see.

Since this blog is also my dive log (dlog?) , Keith and I went to North Star (after trying to dive on a wreck only to find a fin had lost a heel strap as we were about to get wet). We stayed down until the air ran out at 60ft (45mins or so). Second dive on the Wall for a good time, not a long time at average of 40ft (someones head hurt ~ 20mins). Came up with 500psi and 1000+psi. I had 12lbs of weight (see if I can remember that for next time), with a steamer and 80°F (26°C) water. And was still cold. So there.



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