St Patrick

17 03 2009

So , I’m back in St Croix. My time in Barcelona went quickly. It felt like a holiday – it was about that length.

Today is St Patricks day. I’m not wearing green – the festivities have already been completed. Saturday, all of the white people in St Croix got together for a parade near Fort Christianstead (one of the local jokes is this is a white peoples holiday, and more or less it is true). The police closed off the whole town (all two streets), and a handful of floats drove around a loop. I know at least a few of the floats did laps. Two weeks ago it was Carnival in Sitges. Being kind, you couldn’t make a comparison. But soon after the parade it became evident that the parade was a mere excuse to get most of the drinking population on island together for a royal piss-up. I must say they carried out the second part of the day with… enthusiasm. Parade at 11am. First ambulance I saw was at 1pm. Passed out in the gutter from 1:30 onwards. Somehow, some managed to party on into the night. Needless to say, it was pretty quiet Sunday morning.



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