Spain (getting closer)

4 02 2009

My reisdency and work permit for Spain has been approved… At least one step has been. So now I need to gather documents, head for an embassy and see if they will approve it again. There is some urgency so I can get everything completed within the month they give you (after approving your permit, you have a month to get it issued, get to Spain and register with the police). After the glacial progress of the permit, it is all go.

So I needed a medical certificate to get past the next hurdle. It turns out that I am alive, don’t have AIDS (thank goodness!) and also don’t have Tuberculosis (TB). I didn’t realise it is actually pretty common in some parts – lucky I haven’t caught it. Although, my blood pressure turned out to be a bit high, so did my heart rate (I don’t really believe the results they came up with – apparently I have 20/13 vision (it’s good, but not that good), weight 80kg (rubbish), and blood pressure of 120/85 (really?)). I really didn’t believe it so I went to the local supermarket for a retest – which gave me more reasonable results (110/70). But the interesting thing (at least for me) is that almost all pharmacies and supermarkets around here that have a pharmacy attached have a blood pressure measuring device (I can never remember what it is called – wikipedia to the rescue: it’s a sphygmomanometer). You don’t see them in supermarkets in Australia (at least I don’t).

But the high heart rate needs to be addressed. So I must get fitter. To do that I need to get out there and exercise more buy some more fitness equipment (aka toys). Lets try one of these.



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