Houston Half

18 01 2009

I seem not to be updating this site any more. Anyway, the Houston Marathon was run today, in beautiful weather. I decided on Thursday to enter after finding out that I may be able to get an entry that a friend of a friend couldn’t use (conveniently timed work trip). So I managed exactly one training run. I went with Carol (I haven’t really mentioned the people I am staying with in Houston – I should fix that one day).

Well the run today was fun, with lots and lots of people. Amazing amount of people. 25 thousand or so (according to the website). That is a sea of humanity. Nothing at all like I have seen before.

I ran about as hard as I could, and only managed 1:42. I should be happy with that, but I know if I had trained I could have done better. But then I would have had to try, so maybe I should be happy with it. My calves hurt, but otherwise a nice, fun run. Carol ran brilliantly, finishing in 2:16. Not bad at all!

Lots of results at the web site. My number was 24913 – don’t bother searching for my name – I was registered as the guy who couldn’t make it (thanks Nigel!). But this does mean I.. I mean Nigel placed 24 in his age group (age group is 50-54). I hope Nigel is happy with that result, and perhaps manages to better it next time 🙂

I finished 457 of 6327. That is just the half marathon (ie not including 4429 marathon finishers, or 2065 who ran the 5K)

Actually the results are quite thorough – it tells me I ran a negative split, a shade under 8min/mile for the first 9 miles and 7:30 min/mile for the final 4 miles.



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