Ski trip

6 01 2009

Has ended… and I’m back in Houston. For those trying to keep up.

I had a blast snowboarding. Really. At least I think I did. To be perfectly honest, I fell down so many times that my head ached for three days, and my neck for the whole time. I hurt my shoulders because after a few days falling on my butt it hurt so much that I tried to reduce the pain by falling on my arms. Every now and again a finger or wrist also got caught. Now my back hurts.

When you are learning to walk you take some spills, so you do snow boarding. I can now get down the hill, at a reasonable speed (at least I think it was reasonable, Tim may disagree), on any of the blue runs out here. I managed a few blue/black runs, but the bumps/moguls at winter park are really first class (ie impossible for me) and that stopped me from getting down any blacks. Another few days (maybe weeks…) I would have been there. After 6 days on the slopes, and 2 snow-shoeing you’d think I should be ok at it…

I did really enjoy it, despite the (small amount of) pain. A full week at altitude (between 2,800 and 3,7000m), exercising, messing around in the snow – how could I not enjoy it? Coupled with staying with Tim and Colleen and their daughter Catherine (just the names alone mean I’ll have to like them!) meant I had a great time. Thanks guys!

Now I have to look toward Europe. It should be this month… or next…

Oh, Happy New Year. Like the other Aussie oldies I know, we planned to go to sleep before midnight. The plan fell through, I got to talking with Colleen and Catherine, and we ‘made it’ to 12:30. Pat on the back for me there. Maybe 2009 will go a little slower – last year just flew!



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