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28 09 2008

A few things have changed in cyberspace since I rode around South America. Memory is now rediculously cheap, computers are smaller and faster (I didn’t say I was surprised!), and Google has a browser. I’m playing with it now, it seems like it has a few cool features that Firefox 3 should soon have (which is also new), but the reason I wrote this is it has a button that says “Stats for nerds”. Thanks Google.



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29 09 2008

Hi Steve,

So what is the work like in the US Virgin Islands. . . . process control, no doubt? Brushing up on TDC3000 or Centum CS? DMC or RMPCT?


9 10 2008

Chrome. Still haven’t used it. Should I try it?

15 10 2008

Give it a try. You’ll be reminded of Firefox 3, but with a few differences. Some ways better, some not so. Only takes a minute to install and try.

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