14 09 2008

I think the adventures are over for now. I have my email accounts all set up again, I’ve worked 11 days straight, mostly at 12hrs a day, and I haven’t had time to do more than eat and sleep outside of the refinery. Quite a shock to the routine (not that I had a routine – perhaps that’s what is making this a shock).

Sanity is being preserved by the knowledge that Stu’s wedding is next weekend in Winnipeg, and that hopefully the Spain thing will still happen in the short term. Then the adventures will begin again, unless I can find a few spare minutes to look around this tiny island I’ve been placed on (apparently it takes a few hours to explore – I commute 30 odd mins each way, but have only seen a few roads and restaurants). There should be some great snorkeling / diving out there. I’ll have a look in the next few weeks. I’ll let you know if I do.



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