5 08 2008

At the same time a lot and very little has been happening to me, or being caused to happen by me. I keep being chashed out of cities by lack of (reasonably priced) accommodation. This could be seen as me failing to pan far enough ahead to get a bed (just turning up doesn’t cut it here in summer). But I haven’t been all that disappointed in being forced to move on, so far. And I’ve not ended up in the train station. Yet.

Last week I spent on Vancouver Island, slightly west of Vancouver. I stumbled upon B.C. day in Victoria (the capital of B.C.). Victoria is a lovely city, and feels like a quaint, greener Adelaide (I still claim Vancouver is the same as Brisbane in the location of Hobart, rain and all). 150 years since BC was made a province – it’s even the same age as SA… I meant to leave the city after two days to see more of the island, but full accommodation (due to the long weekend – even the campsites further north were booked out!) made me panic and book a room in the city. On Friday I was pulling my hair out in boredom, but the street parties kicked in on Saturday and kept me well and truly entertained until last night.

In fact the west coast is great. It is the closest thing to Australia I’ve seen outside my home island. All the people I met in Vancouver / Victoria mentioned they’d like to come visit, but I think they’ve pretty much seen it. Flatten the mountains, add a few beaches, grow some eucalyptus – you’d have the east coast of Australia.

I figured that since I was so close, I should come and see Seattle before working out what to do next. Special family reason, a Cousin lived here with his family a while back. It always seemed so far away, but now it is only just there! So I rocked up at the ferry and crossed into the USA. I wasn’t planning on visiting at all this trip. They’ve got my fingerprints now.

The hostel is full tonight again. But I’m learning – I’ve got a booking. But tomorrow night?…

Update: I found the local paper – the “Seattle Post-Intelligencer”. I wonder about that last word… The dictionary claims that this is a legitimate word (the spell check doesn’t agree). ‘One who conveys news or information, a spy’. Come on, I think that’s stretching the use of the suffix – regardless of the content of the paper.



2 responses

2 09 2008

HI Stevo,
You are still gay

4 09 2008

Hi Steven!
Where are you??? Already ended up at the railwaystation or what? We hope that we don’t have to worry about you! Give us a livesign!

Stefan and Sabine

(Or are you already in Bockia?)

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