27 07 2008

So I got kicked out of the Calgary Youth hostel. Something about being full. Certainly nothing about me not being a youth any more. I looked around, considered my options, and ended up on a bus to Vancouver. Bye bye, Calgary.

Vancouver skyline

Vancouver skyline

So Vancouver is pretty good. I was here a few hours, found all the gear shops and got a first taste of precipitation (I’ve been scared off Vancouver because it “rains all the time here” – which doesn’t seem to be strictly true). For Aussies, this is a city that to me looks like Hobart has exploded to the size of Brisbane, but is far more dense. There are two big bays around the centre core, mountains in the background and piles of people. And apartment buildings popping up like trees. There is a forest of condos.

And hostel accommodation is full here as well. Travelling in summer in Canada requires planning and forethought. Not really my cup of tea. Perhaps I should visit Europe…



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30 07 2008

Yeah, come here to Bockia, we’re waiting for you! Really funny to read your changes of decisions!
See you soon??!! Sabine

30 07 2008

Maybe you will. But as you’ve noticed I can’t seem to make any decision stick at the moment!

5 08 2008

hola Steve !
Nice to read you on the website !!
back at home…. strange feeling…
I start a job in september in the company of before… for 10 months… hopefully I’ll find something better after…
i keep in mind south america….

I hope you are fine.

take care

see you

Michel and Virginie

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