13 months old

27 07 2008

My trip turned 13 months today. Happy 1.0833 birthday to my trip. There you are, if I miss your birthday by a month or so back home – it’s nothing personal, I just don’t track anniversaries very well.



4 responses

29 07 2008
kevin colla

nice one stevo you made me almost laugh kev

29 07 2008

Well there you go. I know I missed Stu’s birthday a few days ago. And probably lots of others.

30 07 2008

Right! Mine and Stefans in July as well…Doesn’t matter as long as we will see you again one day…Sabine

30 07 2008

Oh. Well happy birthday for then 🙂
And chances are you will. The world is not such a big place. Remember, you told me where you live and there are only 6 billion people to get past.

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