Moving on?

24 07 2008

I think I’m working it out. It is not the lack of work that I’m missing. It is technical challenge. I’ve just spent the better part of a day messing around with my computer (I did mention I bought one didn’t I), trying to install a different version of Linux. Without a CD drive (which turns out to be a difficult endeavour – especially when you’ve not done it before).


Well… ‘cos I can. Or can’t as it turns out. But the success (or lack of) is a little beside the point. What is worrying is that I can spend a reasonably sunny day in Canada messing with a laptop. I may as well be at home.

And that pretty much sums up my feelings toward Canada at the moment. Sure it is different to Australia, the flora, fauna, landscape are all completely unrelated. However, the people, the way they live, car they drive, work they do is all so similar to what I’m used to back home that I’m heavily doubting that I should stay here for the experience. For sure living here will not be a challenge (apart from the obvious get a job, get a house which really could be trivial if I applied myself). So, to experience Canada I should really be out hunting bears or up to my neck in ice way above the Arctic circle somewhere. It turns out you don’t get that in Calgary.

To be fair, I have my expectations of challenge at South American levels still, so it is unlikely that any place will truly satisfy me right now (except maybe Asia…). So the job hunt is still technically on, but…

Maybe after I get Linux working 🙂



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26 07 2008

You trying to install Ubuntu? There is a version of Linux that you can run off a USB stick – read about it in the Green Guide the other day… (developed by some dudes in Perth would you believe…)

26 07 2008

I’ll try – but there’s a problem with the USB stick creation running under Xandros (what this eeepc has installed). And I don’t have a cd drive, so kind of stuck for now. But getting as far as I did was educational.
Educational? No, frankly, a waste of time.

27 07 2008

I tried for a very long time to get Ubuntu installed on my PC, mainly because I wanted an alternative to Windows. Couldn’t get it to work properly so I gave it the heave-ho. I can see myself getting seduced by Apple very soon…

27 07 2008

I tried on a windows PC (laptop) a few weeks ago, just downloaded, and burnt the liveCD and everything worked out of the box. Try again with ver 8.04. It should be a piece of cake.
Or Apple. They all support a web browser now, which is where we spend 95% of out time.

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