New toy

22 07 2008

On the pretext of needing one to get a job, I just bought a new computer 🙂

It’s only a small guy – about the size of two CDs. And it does a few strange things every now and again, or that could be me and the new operating system. I’ll get used to that(if I can’t fix it) - see what I mean? Now I’m back online - perhaps more blog posts unless I can motivate myself to get a job...



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26 07 2008

An Eee PC by Asus? That runs a Xandros (sp?) Linux if I recall. Or did you get some other small beasty? What do you think of it?

26 07 2008

So far good. The screen and keyboard could clearly be bigger, and for no real reason it breaks into funky font every now and again (huh – I just figured out it’s when you press shift and space, weird), but I got a bit of a bargain, and it is ridiculously small and portable. Just what a pretending to be job hunting, travelling, ex-cyclists needs!

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