The Peg

28 06 2008

I’ve been here for 2.5 weeks. It is late at night, the sun has just gone down (the summer solstace was only a few days ago) and it is 26C, 60% humidity.

I’ve done so much in the last weeks with Stu and Rachel, and yet now that I’m logged in, there is little that needs writing about. I could write about my small trip out east, to Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec. One day. I have procrastinated a little the last few days (while pretending to be looking for work), but until then Stu and Rachel kept me busy – out with their friends, family, cottages, golf… You name it. I was planning on leaving for Toronto today except I was convinced to stay for a family barbeque tomorrow. My arm was easily twisted 🙂 Maybe I’ll go Sunday.

It has been great staying with Stu and Rachel. Thanks heaps guys. Now I’ve been introduced to the Prairie and Corner Gas. Sure is flat.



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5 07 2008

Winnipeg mustn’t be too exciting – no blog posts. Of course, you may have succumbed to the ‘temptation’ of employment, and money!

5 07 2008

I haven’t yet. And then I’m bound to have nothing better to do than frequent Blog posts 🙂
I went to Toronto again. Not one of my better decisions. Will be back on track (the westward track that is) in a coule of days. More posts following resumption of adventures.

7 07 2008

So, unemployable. It was inevitable. Being out of it for so long you’ve missed the last generation of processs control technology. But don’t worry, it didn’t work either.
Your project manager John M asked after you. I told him you’d cycled arond South America and then up north to cycle around Canada . Have to keep your credibility up. He was impressed. Though he said he cycled round the river yesterday.
Now you have no bike is that it? Have you finished?

16 07 2008
Rahel & Joerg

Hei Panini
we still looking for you, where are you now- in the middle of nowhere…. out in the blue of canadiens bush or where ever! We wish you good luck to find your way…………………..
Big hug
the ciclistas from the nordkap

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