Travel anyone?

1 06 2008

I’ve been on the road for just over 11 months. That’s not really all that long compared to some.

I’m done. For some reason randomly traveling around is just not exciting at the moment. Since I’ve been living hedonistically this last year, a few moments of normality and I’m bored.

Canada is nice, in the spring it is even beautiful (out of the cities). Unfortunately, that is part of the problem. It is nice. There is nothing challenging about backpacking here – it is simple, the only way to do the country justice is to get a car (or motorbike) and travel thousands of k’s. For a few reasons I’m not interested in that right now. I guess it would also be possible by bike. Three months of prairie don’t drive me wild with excitement right now. Maybe in the winter it would be more fun 😉 Autumn might be pretty cool though (if not downright freezing).

I’ve got a few options now: Continue overseas again (India is a possibility – on two wheels); go home and return to the real world; or work here (and while pretending to be in the real world, actually continue the escapism). Of course I’ll give working here a whirl. I tmay not sounds like it, but that could be a challenge. A few more cities, then try to find a job and live in Toronto. More than likely – who knows, almost every plan I’ve made so far on this trip has fallen through.

So it looks like the traveling “adventures” will soon be over… for a while. Let’s see how long I can handle “normality”. Whatever that is.



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1 06 2008

Head to India.
A guy from work just got back, and had a blast. Went to Kashmir, Goa (don’t bother) and a whole bunch of other places. Riding round there would be perfect for you (although it is pretty hot there…). Have fun working while you make your decision 😉

1 06 2008

Yes. India is damn tempting. Too much choice sometimes is a problem (of course, the best problem to have!). India will always be there – my working holiday permit for Canada will not. One thing at a time.

1 06 2008
Kevin Colla

Hay steve that birthday invite still stands if your finding life a little on the normal side.
By the way the Xterra today was missing one competitve stevo, I finished a long way ahead and got a little complacent while racing. I even stopped to let lindsey catch up and stopped to fix an arrow which was around the wrong way.

1 06 2008

Competition… Now that’s something I should try again.

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