15 05 2008

Well, I’m here. Spring is definitely here also. Thank goodness. Although it did (briefly) rain on me yesterday. I’ve got a few days planned in Toronto, and then I have to work out for sure whether I go east or west. At the moment starting east seems a good plan.



7 responses

16 05 2008

Glad to hear you have arrived in Canada. Very impressed someone wanted the bike!!!!!!

16 05 2008

A bit of good luck for me, eh?

17 05 2008

TRavel west for snow. When it gets cold that is 😉

18 05 2008

Montreal is a beautiful place. Cold in spring but often sunny. Go there.
It should be a nice break before heading for the Canadian Bunbury. Or Moomba. Though winter might be interesting with new passtimes, bear-wrestling or whatever they do. Try not to get cabin-fever go mad and slit your wrists. Least not on the carpet.

19 05 2008

There seem to be many Canadian Bunburys. Always where the money is, no? Winter should be interesting, although it appears to still be here. I thought spring was meant to be warm!

20 05 2008

No. Spring is cold. But it usually stops snowing in Calgary toward the end of June. July August are warm with misquitoes.
Ice climbing is the thing. A couple’a picks and a smal lobotomy and you’re set.

21 05 2008

Finding picks is easy, all the outdoor stores carry them. I’ll work on the lobotomy. Actually, ice climbing is fun. Last time I tried was at 5000m… Perhaps it was the hypoxia that made it seem fun.

It’s a bummer that the mozzies come out for the only warm time. And the bears. I’ll see what I can see in between the animals.

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