Time waster

10 05 2008

I’m here to waste some time. But, I´ve discovered something. Wasting time doesn’t (any more) make me mad, having someone else waste my time for me, well, that attracts my ire.

I tried to sent a packet home from Buenos Aires. I walked to the central post office, thinking that this might be most efficient. I took a number and sat down. 1 hour later… (this part suffers from the fishermans’ story syndrome – the first time I told it is was 30mins, and since I don’t wear a watch, it could easily have been an hour). I was finally served and told that to send a cd of photos (and a lovely mothers day letter to mum) I would need to complete a customs form, and this would need me to produce my passport. The passport that is accross town in the hostel. I knew this to be rubbish, having sent plenty of parcels and not needing my passport once in Argentina. I tried to explain this. They didn’t budge. The prospect of a long walk followed by another long walk back and another long wait for no good reason got me reasonably fired up, but I left without sending the parcel. I think they understood I wasn’t impressed.

There is another post office, not 50m from the hostel, who took the packet with barely a question (certainly no passport required) and I went back to a more profitable time waster of reading. The James Bond books, if you are interested. Now that is really wasting time.



2 responses

10 05 2008
stefan and sabine

Life could be so hard ;-)! We think wasting time on the ireland was much better….!!! That´s what we gonna do the next days….ilha grande is waiting for us and hopefully better weather!
Good luck on your flight ;-D!

11 05 2008

Yes, life could be so hard. Go back to the islands. I would, but it is time to visit Canada.

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