Morretes, Brazil

29 04 2008

This place is strange. We had beautiful weather for 8 straight days, and now, when we want to get back on the bike and do some riding, it rains all night and most of the day. A repeat performance of Matinhos. Except we have learnt from that experience (a week ago), and are just staying put until the rain stops. In the internet café, wasting time. YouTubing it up.

Whats that I hear you say? It’s only rain? Correct, and I don’t care. Being soaked all day isn’t much fun, and the road we are planning to take is cobblestones most of the way. Slippery when wet. Plus, this should be a road of good views – no point going there in ‘pea soup’ fog.



3 responses

30 04 2008

No, that sounds like wise council to me. Holidays are for fun and great panoramas, not rain and slippery cobblestone induced death.

1 05 2008

The rain did come, the panoramas were, err, short sighted, and the cobblestones were slippery. Death was avoided, but I’m getting a bit fed up with this rain. Soon it will be time to change continents.

2 05 2008

Changing continents is one way to introduce a new and larger category in your ‘cloud’ (a friend for South America perhaps?). Glad you’re not dead.

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