Brazil. Rain?

20 04 2008

What’s going on here. It is not meant to rain on the coast of Brazil. Especially not when I’m here on hoiday.

Today I1m entrenched in an internet café. The bike is loaded and waiting outside ready to go when the rain stops. I wouldn’t mind a light sprinkle, but it’s coming down in buckets. The road is now flooded, but I don’t want to spend another day in this town (Matinhos). There is nothing to see; it is practically deserted. Think of the Gold Coast (4-5 story apartment style beach houses and pretty much no-one around). Not really all that exctiting.

Maybe it will stop raining soon. Maybe not.

+1hr. The water is now above the top of the gutter. Surely this can’t continue…
+1/2hr more. I can’t see the gutter any more. Where does all this water come from?
There’s a new river forming! I hope it doesn’t carry away my bike!



4 responses

20 04 2008
Thiago Prado

sometimes it rains to strong that we get scared. There’s this time that we thought our house would get cover by the water.

24 04 2008

Dude… Sucks to be you. Pfft! Stop ya whinging ya silly bugger! Your getting drowned and i’m sitting at work. Who’s got the wrong end of the stick? THAT WOULD BE ME!!!!!!!!!!

24 04 2008

Please send some of your rain to Melbourne – it’s very dry here!

27 04 2008

Was I whinging? Sorry. You can always quit your job 🙂 Hang on… Do you have the stick? I thought I lost it!

I’ve got two empty drink bottles I’ve filled up, but it could be some time before I get them to Melbourne. Sorry Read.

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