Australian Visa?

4 04 2008

Perhaps I am out of touch with how the world is, or should be, run. Perhaps I am ignorant with the plight of many. But I don’t see why every single person that wants to come and have a look at Australia needs to apply for a visa. You want to stay longer? Look out! Why are we so paranoid? Even the US will let me in without a visa, and I thought they had the most draconian entry requirements in the world. I’m shocked to find it is actually my homeland that is worse that what I thought was the worst.

Take a look for yourself on the “how to apply” website. Now imaging that English isn’t your first language (like the majority of the population on the planet). The online aplication site has recently been the target of Trojan horse virus, that may skim your credit card details. There is a warning when you start to apply for a visa. Are you kidding? Australia, what happened?



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