30 03 2008

Either I’m suddenly popular in the center of China, or Google has a server there that keeps pinging my site. I seem to have a new friend in Madrid, but the Winnipeg dot hasn’t got any bigger. Hmmm 😉

So who else am I keeping entertained? While you trudge to work each day, I get to fumble along in Spanglish, get sunburnt, eat the wrong thing and end up with diarreah, and cycle cycle cycle.

Actually, this was driven home to me yesterday. I needed to ring a telephone number in Australia for some reason. I know it was an ungodly hour, but the company has a 24/7 number. The person on the other end was actually in Australia (I thought it might get redirected somewhere else at that time of day), and sounded about as worn down and fed up with the job as it’s possible to get. I tried to be friendly and helpful with my request, but it wasn’t appreciated. She was clearly efficient and knowledgable, but also terse and abrubt. I was initially a little taken aback, but then I just felt sympathetic and got to thinking. Clearly I’m lucky to be able to do this trip (even if it was through years of hard work that I got myself in a position to be able to afford it). Imagine being stuck (or at least thinking you are) in a dead end job. I hope I don’t have to be like that. Ever.



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2 04 2008

ha, what’s this pretending to be so sweet. – I just felt sympathetic and thought how lucky I was – . Your call centre girl wus probably some chippie just back from a night out with Jamie Packer at the Melbourne casino.
You’re turning into one of those bag ladies whose ultimate insult is – I’m soooh sorry for you -. And what’s wrong with deadend jobs? That’s what pays for cycling tours. So howabout Brazil? Parts of it are really bland. But if you can get past San Paulo without geting shot, Brazilia and the interior should be interesting. Get some closeup photos of headhunters to impress the folks in Edmonton. And say hi to O&J.

3 04 2008

Maybe I am turning into a bag lady. I do have a lot of bags. Did it really sound like that? That’s not really how it was meant – but dropping out of the rat race (at least for now) gives you a new perspective. Trust me. Perhaps try it for a while, and you’ll see what I mean.

I’d prefer if someone else’s dead end job paid for my cycling tour. But, since I have to live in this reality (well… some of the time), I’ll have to get myself one at some stage.

I hear Southern Brazil is dull. I think (If the border guards let me in) I’ll be in a bus for most of it.

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