7 01 2008

Always seem to provide the most excitement. This one (Volcano Llaima) is currently errupting, so the police wouldn’t let me get near. Again helping to save me from myself. Pity though, the road I had planned to take was cut, and the only alternative is horribly steep. And dirt. But scenic. So I took it.



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8 01 2008

ha still at it. So where’s Acongagua? Can’t get into the pictures. Did you do the polish route up the glacier. Quite easy they say.
Thailand was pretty exhausting. The Humidity. Thought Perth was 44 on bxing day. So are you there yet? Not much further to the SA outback and a cosy gas plant.
well happy newyear.

9 01 2008

Aconcagua is still there. It will be if I come back with the walking gear.
I assume you climbed at some point and didn’t just lay on the beach flexing your muscles and picking at your spider scabs?
Hang on… I’m running away from the cosy gas plants (although I don’t know why right now – the weather as I’m heading south is deteriorating).
Happy New Year to you. Try not to get bitten again. Safer to be out doing Rogaines. Then only the ticks will get you.

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